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Concrete / Screeds Surface Finishes

Did you assume that all concrete is the same?

Well let us show you differently! There are actually more than half a dozen different concrete floor finishes readily available.

Most commonly used for drives/pathways and large busy traffic areas, Brushed Concrete is a great slip resistance covering that allows water to drain easily. This system is a very cost effective solution for age old problems.

Brushed finishes are a fantastically easy to maintain solution for heavy use areas by both vehicles and feet!

Dappled Concrete covers large areas quickly and is very fluid; the surface finish is flatter than other concrete installations.

Hand-floated used mostly for stairs, shops, plant rooms and corridors. Hand-floated or trowelled concrete can be easily laid in small harder to access areas where it would be difficult to use a power float.

Tamped Concrete is a really course non-slip finish, used when maximum grip is needed. A very cost effective solution generally used in hard traffic areas.

Concrete Polished to a high shine gives beautiful flooring without coating or waxing. Any old or new laid concrete floor can be polished to a high gloss finish. Giving a polished stone effect, this is highly durable, as well as decorative and economical.

Power Floated Concrete finish gives a hard wearing surface, best suited to high traffic areas. Power float machines smooth the concrete then metal blades are used to achieve the desired hard wearing surface.

Easy when you know how!!

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